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Parasuram Municipality

Municipality Fact Sheet Parasuram Municipality
Established Year (BS) 2072
District Dadelhura
Ecological Development Region  FW
Area (sq. km) 414
No. of Wards 12
Population (2011) 34983
Female Population 18189
Sex Ratio (M: F) 92.48
Total Household 5990
Average Household Size 5.85
Density of Population (persons/sq. km.) 84.50
Literacy Rate (%)  
Both Sex  65.38
Male 77.18
Female 54.67
Growth Rate (1991-2001)  
Total No. of Voters  
Ranking Among Municipalities  
By Area 1
By Population 98
By Density of Population 189
By Revenue  
By Literacy  
By Growth Rate  
Percentage Share to District Population (%) 24.62
Percentage Share to Total Urban Population (%) 0.35
Percentage Share to District Area (%) 26.92
Population per Telephone Line (000’)  
Population per Hospital Bed (000’)  
Road Density (length/sq. km.)  
Households on Rent 1.84
Households with Mud Foundation 69.08
Households with Access to Safe Drinking Water (%) 62.94
Households using Wood as Fuel for cooking 98.90
Households with Access to Electricity (%) 30.72
Households without Access to Toilet Facility (%) 53.39
Per Capita own source revenue (Rs)  
Per Capita Total Expenditure  
Per Capita Capital Investment  
Employee/000 population  


Source: Ministry of Federal Affair and Local Development