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Pathari Sanischare Municipality

Municipality Fact Sheet Pathari Sanischare municipality
Established Year (BS) 2072
District Morang
Federal State 1
Adjoined VDC's Pathari and Sanischare
Area (sq. km) 53.7
No. of Wards 15
Population (2011) 49808
Female Population 27262
Sex Ratio (M: F) 82.70
Total Household 11426
Average Household Size 4.36
Density of Population (persons/sq. km.) 927.52
Literacy Rate (%)  
Both Sex  77.45
Male 85.23
Female 71.16
Growth Rate (1991-2001)  
Total No. of Voters  
Ranking Among Municipalities  
By Area 133.00
By Population 54.00
By Density of Population 49.00
By Revenue  
By Literacy  
By Growth Rate  
Percentage Share to District Population (%) 5.16
Percentage Share to Total Urban Population (%) 0.498
Percentage Share to District Area (%) 2.89
Population per Telephone Line (000’)  
Population per Hospital Bed (000’)  
Road Density (length/sq. km.)  
Households on Rent 10.01
Households with Mud Foundation 1.35
Households with Access to Safe Drinking Water (%) 11.26
Households using Wood as Fuel for cooking 73.87
Households with Access to Electricity (%) 88.82
Households without Access to Toilet Facility (%) 12.66
Per Capita own source revenue (Rs)  
Per Capita Total Expenditure  
Per Capita Capital Investment  
Employee/000 population  
Source: Ministry of Federal Affair and Local Development