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Earthquake 2015

Development Assistance for Reconstruction


Development Partner Agreement Amount Purpose Agreement Date
China Agreement on Targeted Cash Assistance between the Government of Nepal and the Government of The People's Republic of China USD 10 million For the resettlement of earthquake victims . 23-Jul-15
IMF Rapid Credit Facility (REF) SDR 35.65 million ~ USD 49.7 million To address the urgent balance of payment and fiscal needs associated with the rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake. Maintaining an accommodative monetary policy stance to support economic recovery and ensure that banks have sufficient liquidity. July 31, 2015 (date of approval by IMF)
The World Bank IDA Credit No. 5701-NP, Financing Agreement (Post Disaster Second Financial Sector Stability Development Policy Financing) SDR 72 million ~ USD 100 million To avail budgetary support to the GoN to help carry out second phase of financial sector reform activities. 14-Aug-15
IDA Credit No. 5706-NP: Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Project SDR 143.9 million To restore affected houses with multi-hazard resistant core housing units in targeted areas and to enhance the government's ability to improve long-term disaster resilience. 14-Aug-15
Asian Development Bank Loan Agreement Nep: Earthquake Emergency Assistance Project SDR 143.212 million To restore critical public and social infrastructure and services with strengthening resiliency. 21-Aug-15
Asian Development Bank Grant Agreement No. 9180-NEP: Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihood Restoration for Earthquake Affected Communities USD 200 million To restore livelihood and schooling in poorer and more severely affected communities with better disaster resilience 8-Dec-15
JICA/Japan Grant: Program for Rehabilitation and Recovery from Nepal Earthquake ¥ 4 billion ~ USD 32.94 million Reconstruction of Maternity Hospital, Rehabilitation of the Water Supply System in Chautara and Construction of Bridge in Gorkha District 21-Dec-15
JICA/Japan Loan Agreement No. NE-P12 Emergency Housing Reconstruction Project ¥ 12 billion ~ USD 98.83 million For the implementation of Emergency Housing Reconstruction Project in the form of co-financing with Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Project extended by IDA 21-Dec-15
JICA/Japan Loan Agreement No. NE-P11 Emergency School Reconstruction Project ¥ 14 billion ~ USD 115.3 million For the implementation of Emergency School Reconstruction Project in the form of co-financing with Earthquake Emergency Assistance Project extended by ADB 21-Dec-15
KfW, German Government Financing Agreement FC Recovery Programme- Infrastructure Component: Bhaktapur Municipality- BMZ No. 2015 68 112 and 2150 10 210 Euro 10 million Financing the reconstruction of selected local heritage buildings/monuments and schools/roads with the Bhaktapur Municipality to reduce the impact of 2015 earthquakes and for consultancy services. 28-Dec-15
KfW, German Government FC Reconstruction Nepal- Reconstruction and Improvement of Electricity in Earthquake Affected Districts Euro 5 million Exclusively for reconstructing and upgrading the distribution infrastructure in Rasuwa and Nuwakot to improve access to electricity for the earthquake affected population in those districts, and to pay the foreign exchange costs. 28-Dec-15


Source: http://www.nra.gov.np/pages/assist