Earthquake related Disbursements by Development Partners


Amount in USD

Donor Group Project Title Actual Disbursements in FY 2015-16
Asian Development Bank Earthquake Emergency Assistance Project 18,292,720
  Support for project implementation of the Nepal Earthquake Rehabilitation 134.362
Asian Development Bank Totals   18,427,082
Japan Comprehensive  Disaster  Risk  Management  Programme (CDRMP) 318.654
  The  Local  Governance Programme (Phase II) 1,000,000
  Project for the Operation and Maintenance of Sindhuli Road 183.845
  The project for construction of Primary school 1,202,719
  Project on Rehabilitation and Recoveryfrom Nepal Earthquake 5,582,464
  Project on Urban Transport Improvement for Kathmandu Valley 281.651
  Transitional Project Implementation Support for Emergency Reconstruction Projects (TPIS-ERP) 1,778,127
Japan Totals   10,347,460
China Targeted cash assistance for Nepal’s Reconstruction 5,093,531
  Emergency Relief Goods (Three Batches) 2,254,618
  Emergency  Medical  Supplies  and  Epidemic  Prevention Supplies 3,220,883
  Comprehensive  Disaster  Risk  Management  Programme (CDRMP) 100.000
China Totals   10,669,032
Denmark Micro Enterprises Development Programme (MEDEP Phase IV) 498.296
Denmark Totals 498.296
European Union CTR  368507  Partnership  to  Restore  Education  in  Post- Earthquake Nepal 3,478,400
  Integrity in post-earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation (CTR 371645) 232.532
  CTR  366785  World  Food  Programme  Remote  Access Operation 2,967,300
European Union Totals   6,678,232
Korea Korea: Humanitarian Assistance for Earthquake victim, 2015 1,600,000
  Livelihood Recovery for Peace (LRP) Project 617.931
  Post-Disaster Health Service Recovery Program in Nuwakot District 3,284,252
  Humanitarian Response Fund Nepal 200.000
Korea Totals   5,702,183
United Kingdom UK/Nepal- Support to Nepal Health Sector Programme III (NHSP) 8,665,201
  Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP) 1,293,350
United Kingdom Totals   9,958,551
USAID Design and Construction of the Bahrabise Primary Health Care Center (BPHCC) in Nepal 1,891,527
  Nepal Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Project (MDTF) 9,600,000
  Nepal Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (Nepal HC3) 884.692
  Baliyo Ghar (Housing Reconstruction Technical Assistance Program) 2,000,000
USAID Totals   14,376,219
Switzerland Employment Fund Phase II 1,013,767
  Emergency relief to earthquake affected people in Dolakha, Remechhap, Okhaldhunga and Khotang districts 817.714
  Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Project (DRILP) Phase III 2,034,834
  Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction- Multi Donor Trust Fund 3,076,281
  Rebuilding Family Farming (RFF) in response to Earthquake in Nepal 772.902
Switzerland Totals   7,715,498
Norway Reconstruction of Schools after Earthquake 2,179,958
Norway Totals   2,179,958
Australia Micro Enterprises Development Programme (MEDEP Phase IV) 2,223,588
  Australian  Civilian  Corps  (ACC)  deployment  for  Nepal Earthquake 274.427
  Rapid Enterprise and Livelihoods Recovery Project (RELRP) 2,272,118
Australia Totals   4,770,133
UNDP The   Local   Governance   and   Community   Development Programme (Phase II) 298.200
  Building Back Better for Inclusive and Resilient Recovery in Nepal after Earthquake 2015 578.503
  Livelihood Recovery for Peace (LRP) Project 33.708
UNDP Totals   910.411
UNICEF Earthquake Emergency Social Policy and Economic Analysis 12,856,872
  Earthquake Response Field Operations 123.216
  Earthquake Emergency Response - Education 6,693,815
  M&E Earthquake Response 214.313
  The Emergency Top-Up Cash Transfer Project 15,000,000
UNICEF Totals   34,888,216
WFP Emergency Operation 200668 – Emergency Food Assistance to People Affected by Earthquake in Nepal 33,887,279
WFP Totals   33,887,279
UNWOMEN Humanitarian Response Funds 100.658
UNWOMEN Totals   100.658
FAO Emergency  response  to  restore  the  rural  livelihoods  of earthquake-affected farmers 282.638
FAO Totals   282.638
World Bank Group Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Project - IDA 20,000,000
  Poverty Alleviation Fund II 21,310,000
  Rural  water  supply  and  sanitation  improvement  project (RWSSIP) 2,300,000
  Emergency Housing Reconstruction Project 20,000,000
World Bank Group Totals   63,610,000
Report Totals   225,001,847
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Source: MOF/ IECCD AMP generated data on 15 Jan 2017