INGO's working in Various Sectors


SN Sector INGO's
1 Agriculture AAN, BHCT (Samriddha Pahad UK), CECI, ETC, FIDR, Heifer, Helvetas, LWR, MissionEast, Norlha, Practical Action, dZi, SNV, USC-Asia, Winrock, World Education, World Neighbors
2 Aid Effectiveness International Alert
3 Bio-diversity Conservation D.W e.V., Red Panda Network, The Mountain Institute, WWF Nepal
4 Capacity Building AIBI, BHCT (Samriddha Pahad UK), CECI, Equal Access, FIDR, Heifer, HKI, NYF, NGN, Saferworld, Strømme Foundation, UMN, World Neighbors
5 Children AIBI, CPCS, ECPAT, E&D, FIDA, Forget Me Not Nepal, FRL, GRT, Intervita Onlus, Karuna Foundation, KIDASHA, NGN, Planète Enfants, Plan Nepal, Save the Children, Shapla Neer, SVN, SCAI, Tearfund, TdH, EBT-N, ISIS, Umbrella Foundation, World Education, World Mobilisation, WVIN, Ama Foundation, Shangrila Home
6 Civil Society Organisation Promotion CECI
7 Climate Change CARE, DMAN, FN, HKI, iDE, LWR, MercyCorps, , MissionEast, Norlha, Practical Action, Red Panda Network, BNMT, VSO, World Education, WWF Nepal
8 Community Development AMDA-MINDS, BHCT (Samriddha Pahad UK), ChildFund, FN, GNI, Habitat, Helvetas, INF, Tearfund, FELM, ISIS, Umbrella Foundation
9 Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR)/ Rehabilitation CBM, Handicap, INF, CBR
10 Disability CBM, FIDA, Handicap International, INF, Karuna Foundation, MyRight, NLR, FELM
11 Education AAN, ADRA, ASIA Onlus, CBM, CCS, ChildFund, D.W e.V., ETC, E&D, FIDA, FIDR, GNHA, GNI, Handicap International, Intervita Onlus, KIDASHA, MCC, NYF, NGN, Plan, Room to Read, READ Nepal, Save the Children, SFCG, SIL Intl, Strømme Foundation, SCAI, Tearfund, dZi, EBT-N, FELM, ISIS, SOIR-M, Umbrella Foundation, UMN, VSO, World Education, WVIN
12 Emergency Response and Preparedness/DRR ACF, ADRA, Aide et Action, AWO, BBC, CARE, CECI, DCA, D.W e.V.,FIDA, GNI, Handicap, HelpAge, LWF, LWR, MercyCorps, MissionEast, Oxfam, Plan, Practical Action, Shapla Neer, BNMT
13 Energy Practical Action, Renewable World, SNV, Winrock, WWF Nepal
14 Environment ADRA, CECI, DMAN, FN, GNHA, GNI, Heifer, Helvetas, Red Panda Network, BNMT, The Mountain Institute
15 Family Welfare/Family Planning AIBI, Marie Stopes
16 Food Security ACF, ADRA, CARE, CECI, DCA, D.W e.V., FN, FRL, Heifer, INF, LWR, MCC, MercyCorps, MissionEast, Oxfam, Practical Action, FELM
17 Gender Equality and Social Inclusion/GbV CARE, CECI, Helvetas, Room to Read, VSO, World Neighbors
18 Good Governance/Democracy AAN, ADRA, BBC, CECI, DCA, DEMO, NDI, Oxfam, Pact, SFCG, TAF
19 Health ACF, ADRA, AMDA-MINDS, BBC, BNMT, CARE, CBM, CECI, CCS, CRR, D.W e.V., dZi, E&D, Fairmed, FELM, FIDR, GNHA, GNI, HealthRight, HelpAge, INF, Interplast, Ipas, ISIS, Jhpiego, KIDASHA, Marie Stopes, MCC, MdM, Micronutrient Initiative, MissionEast, NLT, NYF, NLR, OHWW, Plan, PSI, Restless Development, Save the Children, SOIR-M, TdH, UMN, VSO, WVIN, World Neighbors
20 HIV/AIDS, STI, Substance abuse FHI360, FIDA, ICCO, INF, Save the Children, FELM
21 Human Rights ADRA, CECI, The Asia Foundation (TAF)
22 Humanitarian Aid FIDA, GNHA, Handicap International, Oxfam, Save the Children
23 Infrastructure GNHA, Helvetas, The dZi Foundation (dZi)
24 Livelihood/ Economic Development & Empowerment/Income Generation AAN, APERION, AIBI, AWO, BHCT (Samriddha Pahad UK), CECI, ChildFund, DCA, D.W e.V., FN, FRL, GNI, Handicap International, Heifer, HelpAge, Helvetas, iDE, Int. Alert, LWF, MercyCorps, MissionEast, NYF, Norlha, Oxfam, Plan Nepal, Practical Action, Renewable World, Restless Development, Save the Children, Strømme Foundation, Tearfund, BHCT (Samriddha Pahad UK), BNMT, ISIS, The Mountain Institute, SOIR-M, UMN, VSO, World Neighbors, WVIN
25 Media/Communication BBC, Equal Access, SFCG
26 Micro-Credit/Micro-finance/Cooperatives Dev/SME AIBI, BHCT (Samriddha Pahad UK), FRL, Heifer, Helvetas, iDE, MdM, MercyCorps, PlaNet Finance, Strømme Foundation, TBBHCT, World Education
27 Migration/Migrants AWO, CARE, DCA, Helvetas
28 Natural Resource Management – Land, Water, Forest AAN, Helvetas, usc-asia, World Neighbors, WWF Nepal
29 Nutrition ACF, D.W e.V., Heifer, HKI, INF, NYF, Save the Children, Micronutrient Initiative, WVIN
30 Peace Building /Safety/Conflict reduction ADRA, MCC, Saferworld, SFCG, The Asia Foundation, BNMT, FELM, UMN
31 Senior Citizen  HelpAge
32 Shelter Habitat
33 Social Inclusion/Social Justice Handicap International, Heifer, MissionEast, Oxfam
34 Transitional Justice/Access to Justice ICTJ, Int. Alert
35 Urbanisation CARE, Practical Action
36 Volunteer Cooperation CECI
37 Vocational Training Helvetas
38 WASH ACF, ASIA Onlus, D.W e.V., FIDA, GNI, Helvetas, iDE, MCC, Plan Nepal, Practical Action, TdH, dZi, FELM, SNV, WaterAid, WVIN
39 Women & Girl's Rights/Empowerment AAN, APERION, CARE, ETC, E&D, FRL, Heifer, Helvetas, Oxfam, SVN, TAF
40 Youth/Civic MercyCorps, PlaNet Finance , Restless Development, SFCG, EBT-N, Winrock
Source: AIN Membership Report; 2014